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Red. Yellow. Blue.
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Space Smoker
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extreme gaiety; merriment.

Etymology: from Middle French gaillard - lively, vigourous; a lively dance.

[James R. Eads]

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I think I found the perfect headcanon for the Fereldan fashion, and it’s Georgian traditional clothing. These gowns are definitely what Anora, as Queen of Ferelden, would wear on both formal and casual occasions.

I wanted to find clothes that were both very elegant and regal, sturdy and warm, and absolutely gorgeous. I love the medieval vibe coming from these - with the long sleeves, corsets and laces - and the hairdos, either with the scarf or the little cap, are very interesting in their simplicity yet quiet dignity.

Check out the entire gallery, the men have some wonderful outfits too.

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Q: How many male novelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette too. “I can only truly love my best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand it. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.
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Handmade crowns by Elemental Child.

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Only Yesterday (1991)

[Directed by Isao Takahata | Produced by Hayao Miyazaki]

Background illustrations from Only Yesterday.

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There is no lack of female directors. Repeat after me: THERE IS NO LACK OF FEMALE DIRECTORS. But there is a huge lack of people willing to give female directors opportunities. I swear, if anyone near me even so much as whispers the sentence “Women probably don’t want to direct,” my fist will fly as a reflex action. Gender discrimination in Hollywood goes far beyond women simply not getting the gig. It is reflected in movie budgets, P&A budgets, the size of distribution deals (if a female director’s movie is lucky enough to score one), official and unofficial internship or mentorship opportunities, union eligibility, etc. Women in Hollywood have no male allies. There are some who pretend to be on our side, but yeah, not really. They may say the right thing because, after all, they’re liberals and that’s a public image they’d like to keep up. Others may actually believe in gender equality, but are not willing to put up a fight for it that could sacrifice their own status or relationships … Ask yourself this: If diversity hiring were a sincere core value in Hollywood’s studios, do you honestly believe they’d fail?
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a welsh tradition I think needs to come back is guys spending ages carving a spoon with all these designs and shit on it and giving it to the girl he wants to date how cute is that


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Pierce’s last words to the members of the study group.

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breakfast for dinner is fun when you’re a kid but when you’re an adult it’s just like “yo i ate lunch at 5 PM today and linear time is functionally meaningless”

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Kacy Catanzaro: the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

EDIT: Thanks to this anon, I’ve been informed that Ayako Miyake was the first woman to qualify and finish the Female Japanese Ninja Warrior three times. While it’s not the same course, she’s another equally incredible woman performing a difficult feat.

EDIT 2: Thanks tomminorsetbackk, I’ve also been told that Chie Tanabe completed the first stage in Sasuke and attempted the second.  

I like to imagine her saying suck it as she completes each stage

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Submission and Response: Children and the Myth of "Colorblind" Youth »


Fiction Week
Hey, I just saw your post about children’s books and had to think about the question of “othering” somebody brought up at your blog a couple of weeks ago.
In this context I was wondering, if children would perceive and/ or understand the “otherness” of the…
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